Q. I have a warning message about an app called Hear/Soundbunny what do I do?

Either- Close Volume Mixer and go to (HEAR) or (SoundBunny) download the free versions again to uninstall them correctly from the menu bar. (recommend)

Or- Follow these instructions

  1. Close Volume Mixer and Open a finder window.
  2. Press Shift+CMD+G
  3. Paste this /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL
  4. Move the Hear.plugin or SoundBunny.plugin to the trash and restart the computer.
Q. An app isn't being controlled by Volume Mixer what do I do?

Open that app’s setting/preferences and look for an audio option. When you find one check to see if the output device is set to volume mixer. If it’s not, change it.

Q. Skype notifications and ringing are too loud, what do I do?

Open Skype and go to the preferences and select the audio/video tab and change the ringing and speakers options to Volume Mixer.

Q. How do I reset all the volumes to the master volume?

Double click the master volume icon.

Q. Volume Mixer isn't working with Boom 2 what do I do?

Close both Boom 2 and Volume Mixer then open Volume Mixer First and then Boom 2.

Q. The audio is fuzzy/has static what do I do?

Change the format:

  1. Open Audio MIDI Setup
  2. Press the output device that has that issue on the left. Look at the “Format”. Press “Volume Mixer” on the left side and switch the format to match the output device format.